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Protect Yourself Financially

Emotionally charged and potentially difficult, divorce and separation are also associated with financial uncertainty. We can help you to identify the best way forward so you can take back your financial independence.

We can help you with:

  • Superannuation searches
  • Restructuring your assets for taxation or Centrelink purposes
  • Understanding the tax implications of your settlement
  • Formulating a new investment strategy to support your independence
  • Budgeting and cash-flow analysis
  • Insurances and their beneficiaries

A solid financial plan can help you to overcome the stress and anxiety of divorce or separation and protect your position from further problems in the future.

We understand that having confidence in your finances can make all the difference in a difficult situation.

How we help:

Lucrum Financial Solutions can help you to prepare your financial statement, manage your money in the interim, understand your options and, when the time is right, get a strong financial plan in place for your new future.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Understand your finances
  • Organise them effectively
  • Create a tailored plan for your future