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Make Sure Your Assets Last the Length of Your Retirement

Retirement should be relaxing. Financial uncertainty can result in unnecessary stress and anxiety. By making informed decisions with the help of our qualified financial planners, you can avoid the uncertainty and make sure your assets will last as long as you do.

You have a 50/50 chance of living as long as your life expectancy. Will your assets be enough to last?

We can help you to:

  • Choose appropriate investments;
  • Manage any existing investments you may already have;
  • Identify and maximise potential Centrelink entitlements;
  • Liaise with Centrelink on your behalf;
  • Formulate a comprehensive budget and figure out exactly how much money you will need throughout your retirement;
  • We can even help you with your estate planning.

Our team of specialists can assist you to navigate the murky waters of legislation and bring your future out of financial uncertainty.


Case Study – Retirees Take Control of their Finances.

Background: James and Stacey in their 60’s and have recently retired. In the recent past, they have received an inheritance and have a lump sum to invest in addition to their accumulated superannuation benefits. They decided to speak to a financial planner about the best way to structure their investment portfolio.

Resolution: During the first meeting with the financial planner, James and Stacey were able to identify the following goals:

  • They need a regular income for a comfortable retirement;
  • Want to identify and boost any Centrelink benefits they may be entitled to;
  • Good long term investment performance;
  • Provide an inheritance for their children and grandchildren that is protected from spouses in the event of divorce or death.

A Financial Plan was provided to maximise tax-free lump-sum contributions to superannuation working with age based restrictions on how much money can be contributed.

Within this plan, Centrelink benefits were identified and maximized by careful restricting of their investment portfolio, and as a result they were able to receive the full age pension for 3 years longer than otherwise would be the case.

Advice was also provided around the establishment of appropriate estate plans to ensure a smooth transition of wealth to their children and grandchildren, while having that money protected from frivolous spending or future divorce.