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Retirement Planning – Your Ticket to a Comfortable Retirement

Our planners can help you evaluate your financial needs to fund your retirement.

Our team of retirement planning experts will review your situation and come up with a series of recommendations tailored to your personal needs. We want you to enjoy your retirement, without the overhanging fear of financial uncertainty.

Without proper consideration and planning, retirement can be a stressful recipe for disaster. It is highly important to comprehend the implications of your financial decisions, which can be difficult in the current climate of shifting legislation and volatile markets.

We can help you to build a portfolio of investments that are structured in such a way as to maximise benefits and minimise disadvantages. We have your quality of life in mind during every step of our planning process.

Our Retirement Planning Experts will help you to build a financial strategy personalised to your circumstances.

We can help with:

  • Tax effectively building your Superannuation;
  • Accessing your Superannuation;
  • Superannuation consolidation;
  • Investment Advice;
  • Debt Reduction;
  • Establishing an appropriate Income Stream or Pension;
  • Maximising your Centrelink entitlements;
  • Tax effective Estate Planning.


Case Study

Tony and Susan Are Preparing For Retirement

Background: Tony and Susan are both home-owning, full time employees in their 50’s. Combined, they have a household income of $200,000 per annum and a home loan with a balance remaining of $150,000. Their two adult children are still living at the family home.

Tony and Sue came to see a financial planner when they realised they had a few concerns regarding their upcoming retirement. Tony wants to take steps to maximise his superannuation balance prior to his retirement. Sue has questions about when the couple will be able to retire and how much money they will need to fund their dream lifestyle. Ideally, Tony and Sue would like to retire in their mid 60’s, but are unsure if this is a possibility.

Resolution: The advice they received from the Financial Planner recommended they restructure the way they receive their income and as a result, they now save thousands of dollars in tax and are also able to make additional contributions to superannuation – boosting their retirement nest egg. The financial plan also covered the issue of how much money they will require to achieve financial security and independence in retirement and showed projections based on different scenarios to provide them with a better understanding of how the different decisions they make could affect their financial position in the future.  The advice also reviewed their budget (recommending they reduce spending) and provided Tony and Sue with a clear repayment schedule for their remaining home loan, freeing up substantial cash flow that could be used to build their retirement savings.  Insurances were also addressed, as were Wills, Power of Attorney, Power of Guardianship, and managing taxation and asset protection of the inheritances to their children.